Canada 2003
Following trips in 1995 and 1999, I returned to Toronto, Canada in April 2003
with Cathy. This time we managed to arrive in the middle of the whole SARS virus scare. As far as we
were concerned, it made the holiday even better as there were so few other tourists around. In 2003
not too much has changed in Toronto, although there's a lot of buidings going up down by the Bay.

Here are a few choice pictures from the trip. Click on the small image for a big version.

Video Clips From Canada, April 2003

Click on this picture to watch a video of going up the CN Tower in the glass lift, which takes under 60 seconds.

To play these clips, you may need to download the RealOne player from

Click on this picture to watch a short one minute video of Niagra Falls and the surrounding sights, take in April 2003.


Bell Place

Casa Loma

Toronto from the Islands

Toronto from the Islands

The CN Tower

Our fave deli

The Delta Chelsea

New developments

The Eaton Center

Toronto fire truck

The Floral Clock

Toronto from CN SkyPod

Toronto from CN SkyPod

HHOF 1972 Mint

Hydro power @ Niagra

Niagra Falls

Niagra Falls

Niagra Falls

Niagra Falls

Niagra Falls

Parliament building

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal York Hotel

Toronto from CN Tower

City tour bus

Stewart & Cathy

Yonge Street

All pictures taken by Stewart Bamford
April 14th to April 25th 2003 using a Fuji FinePix 2600Z digicam.

All pictures are (C)Copyright Stewart Bamford 2003.
If you wish to use these pictures for NON-profit use
then drop me an email and I'll help you out.

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