Stewart And Cathy In Canada

Toronto 2003 pictures now available

In early July 1999, we went to Toronto, Canada for a short holiday. This was my second trip to Toronto, but it was the first time that Cathy had visited this amazing City in the province of Ontario. Toronto is a truly amazing place and worth a visit if you're ever near. I hope you find some of our holiday snaps interesting. Click on the thumbnails for a full size pictiure.

1 - Welcome To Toronto

The easiest way to get from the airport to the City is on the airport express. As well as being a quick and cheap way of getting into the City, you get quite a good view of some of the sights that await you.

2 - The Hotel

There are loads of good hotels in Toronto and, coming from the UK, I thought that were all reasonably priced. We stayed in the Toronto Colony Hotel, the same hotel I stayed in when I last visited in 1995.

3 - Toronto At Night

Toronto is a bit of a strange place at night. It seems to be very safe, though many areas seem to totally shut at quite an early hour, whereas other areas stay running until the early hours. A quick trip into the centre of the City will be rewarded with some fantastic views of Toronto at night.

4 - The Blue Jays At Skydome

The Skydome is a truly remarkable stadium. Situated right under the CN Tower the stadium has a roof that can open and close in a short time, moving stands, a huge screen and, unusually I think for stadiums in the North Americas, a reasonably good atmosphere. We went to watch the Blue Jays play (and get beaten by) the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

5 - Hot Dog Stands

As sad as it seems, I just have to point out that there are fantastic hot dog stands just about everywhere in the city of Toronto. Most unusually for me, they don't even rip you off, something you couldn't say about the same facilities in most Euoropean cities, espcially London !

6 - The CN Tower

You don't need to say much about the CN Tower as the pictures speak for themselves. Possibly the most popular thing in the tower is the glass floor, which is always a hit with the vertigo sufferers !

7 - Other City Sights

There are loads of other things to see around the City, like the Air Canada Center, Casa Loma, the Ice Hockey Hall of Fame, City Hall (old and new) and loads of others. Here are some pictures of some of them.

8 - On The Way To Niagara

Of course, Niagara Falls are not far from Toronto, and if you're visiting soon it's worth remembering that Niagara Falls are an easy day trip away and there are LOADS of companies doing good package deals on trips. As well as the falls, you get to see quite a few other things like the whirlpools, Spanish Aero Car and some great views.

9 - Niagara Falls

Everyone has heard of them. They're an amazing sight that you just HAVE to go and see if you get the chance. Pictures can't begin to show the power and wonder of the falls.
Views of Niagara Falls

The Maid Of The Mist

Views From Behind The Falls

The Skylon Tower

Extra Pictures From Disposable Camera

All of the photos were taken by myself, mostly with a Kodak-DC240 digital camera. If you want to use one of the photos, please let me know.
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