My Left Knee

So earlier this year I managed to injure my knee in a spectacular sporting accident. Okay, so I fell over playing football. My knee went crunch as I landed, and it became very quickly apprarent that I'd done something quite bad to it. I took a trip to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, where I was told that I had sprained my knee, maybe done a bit of ligament damage, and sent home. After a couple of weeks, it was clear my knee wasn't getting any better. I visited my local surgery, and a doctor quickly realised it was a bit more and referred me to a specialist at the BUPA Cambridge Lea Hospital. There I saw Mr Owen, a specialist in orthopaedic surgery. Following an examination and an MRI scan, it was clear that I had damaged both the cartilage in the knee and my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Therefore, I needed to have an operation to fix this. The operation was an arthroscopy with a partial medial menisectomy. Also, some torn fibres from my damaged ACL, which had collected in a small lump in my knee, were removed as well. Following surgery, I now need a few months of physiotherapy to restore reasonable function.

Whilst I am awaiting all the MRI scans and other documentation from my treatment once I am finally discharged, here are some somewhat gory still pictures from my arthroscopy:

Click on the small pictures for a larger version

Note the particularly bloody second picture, which is where the actual cartilage tear took place.


(C)2006 Stewart Bamford
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